Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association 2013 Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association Important FIPA Links Who We Are 2014 Fall Classes & Workshop When: October 21-24, 2014 Where: Jacksonville, Florida (at JEA) All courses and workshop will be held at: JEA, 21 W. Church St., Jacksonville, FL 32202 
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The Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association (FIPA) is an organization for individuals who work in and/or are associated within the Industrial Pretreatment (IP) profession. The FIPA Advantage For hotel reservations at the Crown Plaza. Call 888-233-9527 by 10/1/14 (and mention FIPA) or go to the following weblink to get this special $93 rate. https://resweb.passkey.com/Resweb.do?m ode=welcome_ei_new&eventID=11674518
FIPA 2014 Fall Workshop Agenda http://fipaonline.com/documents/FALL%202014/FIPA%202014%20Fall%20Workshop%20Agenda.pdf Advanced Local Limits Development Course Agenda Fall 2014 http://fipaonline.com/documents/FALL%202014/Advanced%20Local%20Limits%20Development%20Course%20Agenda%20Fall%202014.pdf   PRETREAT A Course Agenda Fall 2014 http://fipaonline.com/documents/FALL%202014/PRETREAT%20A%20Course%20Agenda%20Fall%202014.pdf   PRETREAT B Course Agenda Fall 2014 http://fipaonline.com/documents/FALL%202014/PRETREAT%20B%20Course%20Agenda%20Fall%202014.pdf   PRETREAT C Course Agenda Fall 2014 http://fipaonline.com/documents/FALL%202014/PRETREAT%20C%20Course%20Agenda%20Fall%202014.pdf   FOG II Course Agenda Fall 2014 http://fipaonline.com/documents/FALL%202014/FOG%20II%20Course%20Agenda%20Fall%202014.pdf   FOG I Course Agenda Fall 2014 http://fipaonline.com/documents/FALL%202014/FOG%20I%20Course%20Agenda%20Fall%202014.pdf   FIPA FALL FLYER WORKSHOP CLASSES http://fipaonline.com/documents/FALL%202014/FIPA%20FALL%20FLYER%20WORKSHOP%20CLASSES.pdf   FIPA Course Application Fall 2014 http://fipaonline.com/documents/FALL%202014/FIPA%20Course%20Application%20Fall%202014.docx   FIPA FALL 2014 FLYER EVENTS http://fipaonline.com/documents/FALL%202014/FIPA%20FALL%202014%20FLYER%20EVENTS.pdf   FIPA Workshop Registration Fall 2014 http://fipaonline.com/documents/FALL%202014/FIPA%20Workshop%20Registration%20Fall%202014.doc   Directions & Map to FIPA Fall 2014 Field Trip http://fipaonline.com/documents/FALL%202014/Directions%20&%20Map%20to%20FIPA%20Fall%202014%20Field%20Trip%20.pdf Presidents Message  HURRY AND MAKE YOUR HOTEL RESERVATIONS!  The deadline for reserving your room at the reduced rate is this Friday (October 10) at midnight! The $93.00 per night is good for the weekend prior and following the training classes and workshop.  This rate includes free self-parking, Wi-Fi and 1 - $16 breakfast buffet voucher. Click on the link below to make your reservation TODAY! https://resweb.passkey.com/Resweb.do?mode=welcome_ei_new&eventID=11674518   FIPA Membership, I would like to thank those who have already registered for the workshop and classes and give a nudge to those procrastinators in the crowd to get your registrations in!  We have a great agenda of speakers, outstanding venues & events and a group of eager instructors who can’t wait to get you in their classrooms to share their knowledge and experience...  In looking at the agenda you will find several of our regulators listed who will be providing topical updates to our various programs including EPA Region IV – David Phillips discussing recent developments in the dental pretreatment standards and other regulatory changes on the horizon, FDEP Pretreatment Coordinator Greg Brown discussing program updates at the state level, and Florida Building Commission – Master Plumber Commissioner Frederick Schilling discussing proposed changes to the Florida Plumbing Code Chapter 10, Traps, interceptors and Separators.  All of these topics are key factors in the day to day administration and operation of our respective programs.  As such I highly recommend your attendance.    Also, Randy Greer has worked extremely hard over a period of years to collect the information needed to help us obtain 501 C3 status.  I feel this status will benefit our organization greatly not only by providing the tax exempt status, but also by providing the potential to obtain grants.  I believe this could be huge.  As an example, there could be a potential to receive funding to pursue a statewide branding and a campaign for our Cooking Oil Recycling Effort (CORE) along with other mutually beneficial programs.  The final step in this process is to vote on an “Articles of Amendment of Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association” drafted to bring this change to fruition.  In order to incorporate this status, the FIPA membership needs to adopt it with a vote representing a 2/3 quorum of our total membership.  We hope to achieve this during the business portion of this workshop so we need as many members in attendance as possible.  Lastly, we would like to reinvigorate the CORE program and are looking for more people with an interest in residential grease to join the working committee.  This is a problem that affects us all and could potentially expand FIPA membership by attracting representation from smaller jurisdictions who may not have a full-on industrial pretreatment program but have issues with grease just like the rest of us.  Please contact me if you have interest in joining this committee or would like to nominate someone.  This is a great professional development opportunity for those interested in becoming more active in the organization and broadening your horizons.   Hope to see you soon!   Thank you, Gary Christiansen, President Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association